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Baubles, Bangles and More Bangles

Jeff Fulkerson

Posted on October 01 2012

I love to make bangles. There are a lot of reasons for that. Each one is an individual piece of art yet they all work so well together. Bangles seem to be timeless. How many to wear or the thickness of each one changes with the whims of the fashion community. However, they never really go out of style. We’ve posted a host of new bangles on the AJD site for you to choose from. Continue to add copper, silver, and/or be-jeweled bangles or whatever else meets your fancy and you will have an arsenal of accessories to choose from – the combinations are endless. My video “One Hour Bracelets” was recently released through Lapidary Journals/ Jewelry Artist Magazine. If you are a jewelry artist or aspire to be, check it out. I start with the easiest possible bangle and add techniques to give you many options to get started on your way to making your own bangles. So, pile ‘em on and create your own look. And most of all have fun!

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  • Pam ferrari: April 13, 2019

    After watching one hour bracelets many times over. I am ready to make bangles. I have been wearing bangles for over 45 years never take off not even in airport. I have cuffs from my grandmother that are amazing. Well i have lots of supplies coming from rio grand. I can’t seem to find your torch. I have propane oxygen torch but its for lamp working. Thanks for your help Pam

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