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Intermediate Metal Smithing: 2 Jewelry Projects with Solder

Intermediate Metal Smithing: 2 Jewelry Projects with Solder



Artist Jeff Fulkerson takes the reader through two intermediate level jewelry projects in this how-to guide. Any jewelry artist with a solid foundation will benefit from this step-by-step visual guide to soldering and working with silver. Don’t miss out on another chance to learn from Artist Jeff Fulkerson and create your own beautiful unique pieces.

In this book we will be doing two projects; a pendant with bezel-set cabochon, and a ring with a bezel-set stone. They are both relatively simple projects, with a few little tricks to make your piece stand out from the crowd. I'll show you an "exotic" texturing tool to texture the back of your pendant and a slightly different use for your riveting hammer to texture the front. You'll also learn some other unique design and texturing tricks that are easy to do but will look great.

The techniques taught through the projects in this book build on one another. If you master the techniques, you can mix and match that knowledge and apply it to any other piece of jewelry that you want to create.


- Jeff Fulkerson

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