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In this course you will learn how to make several different types of bangles, from beginning to end.

Lesson 1: Silver soldering, tools & equipment, and materials for bangle making

Lesson 2: Making a basic bangle - Sizing, filing technique, forming, and clean up

Lesson 3: Making bangles out of pattern wire

Lesson 4: Twisting wire to make bangles - Texturing wire before twisting, twisting different twisted wire together to make unique bangles

Lesson 5: Stamping - Using stamps to create your own unique ‘pattern wire’ bangles

Lesson 6: Triple Loop Bangle - Use inner-locking loops to make this bangle

Lesson 7: Adding ‘bling’ to your bangles

  • Putting charms on your bangles
  • Putting name/initial disks on your bangles
  • Adding your maker mark to your bangles using disks

Lesson 8: Forging Bangles - Pounding away on your metal to create different textures and profiles on your bangles

Lesson 9: Finishing

  • Adding patinas
  • Finishing your bangles
    • High polish using a flex shaft or polishing cabinet
    • Creating a sheen using a brass brush
    • Tumble-finishing bangles

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