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Introduction to Lapidary & Cabochon Cutting

Introduction to Lapidary & Cabochon Cutting



In this course, you will be introduced to working with stones.  This includes choosing rock slabs & cabochons, safety & equipment guidelines, how to do rough shaping, and finally, cutting your first cab.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Stones

In this chapter we will discuss different stones and their hardness. Learn how this will help you in choosing stones to saw and cut into cabochons.

Lesson 2:  Choosing Slabs & Cabs

In this chapter we’ll look at different stones and their properties and what that means when cutting cabs. We’ll also discuss rocks vs. slabs and slab thicknesses and how that transfers into cabochon thicknesses.

Lesson 3:  Safety

In this chapter we’ll look at safety precautions and the safety equipment you’ll want to have on hand.

Lesson 4:  Equipment

There is a lot of different equipment out there to choose from. In this chapter we’ll narrow it down to what you need to have to start cutting cabs, as well as a bit of a wish list!

Lesson 5:  Cut Outs & Rough Shaping

In this chapter we begin the rough shaping of our cab. We’ll talk about templates and different methods of drawing your shape on the stone.

Lesson 6:  Dopping

Dopping means securing your stone to a 'dop' stick for easier handling while cutting. We'll go over different methods and proper techniques.

Lesson 7:  Cutting a Cab

Finally, we actually start forming, sanding, and polishing our cab.

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