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Intro to Silversmithing

Intro to Silversmithing



In this course, you will learn about silversmithing with an introductory pendant project.

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Chapter 1: Workspace &Tools

In this chapter we’ll discuss the basic tools and bench set up that you will need to get started on this pendant project.

Chapter 2: The Solder Station

This chapter covers what you need to solder and clean up your pieces after soldering, including torches, pickle, copper tongs and silver solder.

Chapter 3: Silver

A quick look at sterling and fine silver and the forms it comes in.

Chapter 4: Picking a Cabochon for Bezel setting

Learn what to look for when picking a stone (cabochon) and what to avoid. How to form your bezel.

Chapter 5: Soldering

Learn the rules and tricks for successful silver soldering.

Chapter 6: Making Your Setting

Create the decoration or setting that surrounds your bezel.

Chapter 7: Silver Balls

Learn how to make silver balls out of scrap silver.

Chapter 8: Working on the Back Plate

Forming the square wire and placing the silver balls

Chapter 9: Soldering the Back Plate

Using a solder tri-pod for even heat distribution

Chapter 10: Cutting out the Back Plate

Learning proper use of the jeweler’s saw.

Chapter 11: The Bail

Create a simple bail to string your pendant on.

Chapter 12: Finishing

Using Liver of Sulfur gel to add a patina to your piece, and using a brass brush to finish the metal. Learn how to set your cabochon.

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