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Making Rings

Making Rings




In this course by Artist Jeff Fulkerson, you will learn how to make multiple rings with custom bezels and different shank styles.

Lesson 1: See examples of different rings, settings, and shanks and their applications.

Lesson 2: Picking your cabochon – What to look for and what to watch out for to set yourself up for success.

Lesson 3: Start on the setting for ring #1 - Making a thick, chiseled & cut bezel plus tips on proper bezel-making technique.

Lesson 4: How to make "raindrops" and get them to STAY SOLDERED ON!

Lesson 5: Cutting out your back plate with proper jewelers saw technique. How to make bezel cuts using a cut-off wheel and pre-polishing.

Lesson 6: Start on setting for ring #2 – Making a bezel using commercially available bezel wire, twisting up round wire for our setting, and forming the twisted wire and outer border wire around out bezel.

Lesson 7: Soldering down your bezel, twisted wire and border to the back plate, cutting out the back plate and adding finishing touches to the setting.

Lesson 8: Introduction to the ring shanks, how to get the correct ring shank size for a 'split' ring shank.

Lesson 9: Making the 'Bow Tie' overlay shank.   Laying out the top, cut out and filing, piercing and sawing and prepping for solder.

Lesson 10: Layout & texturing the bottom piece of the bow tie shank, tinning and sweat soldering the two pieces together to form the shank. Cleaning up the shank and forming it to size on the ring mandrel.

Lesson 11: Laying out, forming and soldering the wire shank together, then forming on the ring mandrel, pre-file then solder both shanks to their respective settings.

Lesson 12: Proper polishing techniques using a polishing cabinet and a rotary tool, including different polishing wheels and compounds.

Lesson 13: Proper cabochon setting techniques, including checking heights, fit, and using a burnisher, bezel rocker and a prong pusher. (and the best cabochon setting tip you'll ever get!)

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