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Stone On Stone

Stone On Stone



In this course you'll learn how to set a small cabochon on a larger cabochon for a stacked "Stone on Stone" look. Topics include design, required tools, picking your drill bits, drilling holes in cabochons, and setting the small stones.  This course has everything you need to add another dimension to your jewelry pieces.

When you purchase this course, you will receive unlimited access to all of the lesson videos.  You will also be invited to a private Facebook page where Artist Jeff Fulkerson will answer all of your questions (access is valid for two weeks).

Lessons In This Course

1: Introduction

In this chapter we will talk about design, stone contours, using metal on stone and custom cut cabs vs. commercially available calibrated stones.

2:  Tools & Equipment

Find out which tools are essential, and which tools are nice to have when doing a stone on stone piece.  You’ll learn the different choices of drill bits as well as their applications and what kinds of drill motors to use.  We’ll also touch on setting tools.

3:  Materials

Learn what’s available commercially for your stone on stone piece as well as what you need to set custom stones.  We’ll talk about safety and using different bezels.

4:  Drilling

Learn the differences between different stones and how seams in your stones can affect your drilling.  I’ll show you how to put a starter ‘dimple’ in your stone so your drill bit won’t wander off.  Learn the sequence of successful stone drilling and tips to insure success every time.

5:  Bezels

In this chapter we’ll explore the different ways to form your small bezels.  We’ll also talk about how to attach a piece of tubing to the back of your small bezel cup or custom bezel plate which will fit through the bottom stone and allow us to connect the two.

6:  Setting the Stone

Watch as I show you how to set that tiny little stone with ease.  Learn about the different types of bezel setting tools and when to use them.  Learn how to cut your tubing to the correct length and how to secure your small stone on top of your larger stone with both a mechanical attachment and also with epoxy. And finally, we’ll learn how to finish off the back of the stone so it’s ready for setting.

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